Tested Online Marketing Strategies

What is online marketing, you ask? It’s basically a strategy that can be used by individuals or companies in order to promote their site and gain real paying customers for income. You’ve got to make use of at least one marketing technique online that’s been tested to work because many companies are already applying working strategies and you really have to compete with other sites on the internet. What are some of the things that you could try out, you ask? For more information, it’s best that you read on.
One marketing strategy that most are now using nowadays is creating a fan page on the web. When you’ve got a fan page, you not only have an extra page where fans can positively review and give praises to your products and services but you would also have a page wherein you would be able to advertise what you’ve got to offer the public conveniently and for free. Just because you want to advertise, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to send bulk mails. With a fan page, you can now have a page on the internet where you can gather followers and communicate efficiently and effectively with online members. If you want to create a fan page or a channel for media ads, you can sign up and become a member of social sites like Facebook and YouTube. It’s because these sites offer free account creation and free space online for uploading advertisement media files. With this, you won’t have to pay TV and radio stations for airtime. This is something that can help you let your business online become popular. This one is also perfect for saving time, money and effort.
Another strategy that you can do is search engine optimization. This is something that you can do on your own. However, experts advise that you should get help from professional site optimizers who offer this feature. This basically involves creating many unique articles which contain inbound links that can increase the traffic of a website. You can search for the most popular keywords and make use of them in your articles in order for people to find your site online. You can also hire professionals who have special keyword analysis tools for best results. This is specifically perfect for making your site visible to people who are using search engines to look for their needs.

If you’ve got the money for it, you can also try pay per click advertising offered by various companies. This makes use of banner ads that companies make and clients pay for in order to get more traffic to their site. When you go for this, you would have to pay for a number of guaranteed clicks or visitors to your site. This is something that’s been tested and proven to work by some of today’s famous e-commerce groups like Amazon. Basically, when you’ve got attractive ads that people can see, your chances of being seen online is doubled or even tripled. This is what you should go for if you want guaranteed online visitors.

Understanding The IP Address

            The internet truly came to fruition during the 1990’s, and it quickly changed the way people lived their lives. Nobody truly understood the impact then, but we now live in a world that would seem foreign without the internet. Over the years the internet has continued to grow and expand. This expansion has seen wonderful advancements in the ways in which we conduct our online research and business. The IP address is a central figure in the growth of the online community. An IP, or, Internet Protocol address, is used as a means of receiving and transporting information. Static IP addresses neevr change, and they are primarily used by business owners. Dynamic IP addresses change each time you log onto the internet.

            What many people fail to realize is that the information that they search for on the internet has to originate somewhere. The internet is essentially a network of computers which pass information from one computer to the next. An IP address provides a place to send that information. Every single machine that is found on a major network has an IP address. IP addresses serve as unique identifiers for machines like computers. All of today’s computers use a standard TCP/IP to meet communication needs. One of the more interesting aspects of the IP address is the dynamic address and the way that it functions.

            Dynamic IP addresses are leased to computers during online activities. Once that lease is up, your computer will receive a a brand new address. This address is temporary, and it is designed to be a place for information to be delivered while someone searches for information online. IP addresses consist of 4 sets of numbers. These numbers are separated by decimal points to differentiate them from one another. People who purchase a static IP address can arrange the four sets of numbers in any way they please. Static addresses afford the user some advantages over dynamic addresses as well.

            In addition to the previously mentioned IP address types, you should be aware of subnet classes of addresses. A subnet consists of smaller groups of computers or networks. These smaller networks are connected to a larger network through a router. You might be familiar with what a router is if you have ever purchased internet service from a company. If you have a router then you are a part of a subnet, or company.

            IP addresses are generally considered safe, as far as security is concerned and here is an tool to show my IP address. There are ways to find out the relative geographic location of a device and person by running an analysis of an IP address. However, this process does not reveal exactly where a person is located. Sharing your wireless internet or forgetting to password protect your internet service can leave you more vulnerable to privacy concerns, so always follow a company’s recommendations.

Prevent Forgetting Login

            Anyone who has purchased an Apple product will tell you the value in setting up an iCloud account. Often overlooked, this account is essential to ensuring that all of your music, documents, photos and more, are securely saved across multiple devices. While your Apple ID is used for services across multiple platforms, forgetting your password can be problematic. It is important to take necessary measures so that you can guarantee easy access to all of your most important files and multimedia. Let’s go over some strategies you can employ to help you to prevent forgetting your login.

            While it is important to save your passwords for applications and logins, you must do so carefully. Never allow someone else to know your password. If you must share it, only do so with your most trusted family members or friends. Sharing it with your friends can be detrimental, as they could login to your account and permanently change your password. Some people elect to keep a hard copy of their passwords. Choosing to do this is not without its hazards, however. People can discover your hard copy of your password and then use it against you. iCloud is an important service, and you do not want your login information to fall into the wrong hands or if you forgot your icloud login.

            One great method to use is to set up a spreadsheet with your iCloud password information. Split the columns of your spreadsheet into different categories. Reserve a category for the service that the password is for in one column, and then type the actual password for that service in the next column. There are several advantages to using a spreadsheet format for your passwords. For one, it allows you to neatly store this information so that it is organized in such a way that allows quick access. Also, it provides a permanently saved copy to your Apple device.

            A main purpose for using iCloud is to grant access to information and multimedia across multiple devices. So, it only makes sense to back up your saved login information through iCloud. This is useful because if you forget your login information you can gain access to it through one of the Apple products that you own. For example, if you’re on a business trip and you need this information, simply login to your iphone to pull up the spreadsheet containing the saved login.

            We live in an age of technology in which innovations continue to fuel our desires for new devices. While this is an exciting time to invest in the latest technology, it is important to remember that there are people out there who prey on those who do not take safety measures with their login information. Take a proactive stance, and save your password in a place in which you are the only one who has access.

Why Choose Raffles Media For Email Marketing?

Raffles Media is a consulting and email marketing firm that provides 24/7 live access to your pieces of data. They have the best marketing solutions that will help you keep track of your marketing campaigns. Their goal is to help you increase the traffic on your website, help you gain new customers, and maximize your ROI (return on investment). They are specialized with Acquisition, Optimization and eCRM, and Email database monetization.

You can be certain of improving and develop an increased traffic on your website. Raffles Media do have the ideal marketing tools that will help in generating this traffic. When you have an increased traffic on your website, people are more likely to visit your website frequently and your business will gain more customers and clients. If you let them do the marketing for your business, you can maximize your productivity and pay attention on other things such as social media. They will take care and be in charge of your email performance.

This email marketing firm will implement online strategies that will be able customers to value your business and make them loyal. Your mails or newsletter are with effective and engaging content that will make recipients buy something from your products and services. They have the knowledge and skills on how to obtain buyers and greater sales. They will design a landing page for your website to increase conversion rates and be capable of generating revenue from visitors.

Raffles media has people that are experts on implementing your management strategy and monetization email database. They have the capability of increasing the most cost-effective campaigns and the top profiles that are well-matched with your database. With this, you can be certain that you be able to meet your goal of brand awareness and effective email performance.

Easy Steps In Building A Website From Scratch

The Web is a collection of millions of websites. There are blogs and there are personal webpages but the means of existence of the World Wide Web are the websites. If you are planning to build a website, you have boundless choices. You can hire someone who is a web expert or you can dare to code it yourself. When it comes to hosting, there are different web hosting services where you can choose from with such low costs per month.

how to build a website from scratch fast

If you want to build your own website from scratch, here are the steps that you can follow:

1. Register a domain name.

A domain name is your web address or the address that is found on the URL bar. This is the address that will be remembered by people. Better choose a domain that is unique and easy to remember. The domain extensions that are used popularly are the .com and .net.

2. Choose a web hosting service.

A web hosting service will be the one responsible for your website to be accessible via World Wide Web. It will provide you space for you to store all your web pages, security, email address, and a lot more. There are lots of web hosting services in the market. Choose the one that is cheap since you can upgrade anytime you would want to and it’s easy.

3. Build your site.

If you already have the idea and a plan on how your website will look like, your next step is to build it. You can build it yourself if you have good knowledge in HTML, CSS, and PHP. There are website-building applications which can be your medium in building your website; in that way, building a website from scratch is not that difficult. You can also use a hosting site such as the most popularly used by businesses and individuals, WordPress. In WP, you can choose from over a thousand themes and just customize the site as what you want.

Strong Advantage Of OEM Windows 7

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is the software that is installed already on your system by the time you purchase it. For instance, Microsoft sold the software package to different computer brands such as HP, IBM, or Dell, the moment they installed this to their computer units then these software are already packed on its original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

It is preferred by the majority to buy the OEM software compared to buying it from the publisher of the software since this is cheaper. This is cheaper since the software is sold in bulk and it is in discounted prices. That is why computer manufacturers offer their products at very low prices. The software that is pre-installed on the product is only compatible with the hardware where it is installed. This is because it is not legal to copy or to do reselling of the software; this violates the license agreement among the publisher of the software and the manufacturer.

Windows 7 is an operating system that is produced by Microsoft. This is popularly used in personal computers, business desktops, laptops, and other devices. They have produced a lot of versions of this operating system. The starter edition is the one that are pre-installed by OEM on new computer products. The retail OEM copies of Windows 7 operating system are being distributed in DVDs and depending on the processor architecture licensed.

Licenses that are obtained in Windows 8 OEM can be downgraded to the equivalent edition of Windows 7. Those that are licensed in Windows 8 Pro, can be downgraded to Windows 7 Professional. Downloading OEM operating systems, such as Win7 is illegal. And there are lots of ways to download this illegally on the web. But do not risk your security with these unlawful actions. Buying these is just cheap and you can be sure of its security.

Comparison Of Best Cloud Storage For Hosting

The significance of the internet nowadays is now at its peak. People are making a living by means of the internet. Businesses are doing marketing strategies with a great help from the internet. Because of the technological advancement of this era, it is impossible someone not to hear something about a cloud storage or hosting a website within a cloud. And web hosting companies are offering clients with the same solutions concerning cloud hosting.

cloud storage comparison for hosting

The cloud storage is where your web pages files are being stored such as the images, videos, audios, and other CSS/HTML files. Here are some of the best cloud storages for web hosting:

  • JustCloud

JustCloud offers an unlimited storage for their client for as low as $4.95 per month. This is a wise investment for your money. They provide your files security. They make cloud storage easy and simple that anyone can do their backups in just a minute of time. You can also sync your files or share it with friends.

  • LiveDrive

LiveDrive also has their unlimited data plan where you can store all your files and secure data backup. One thing that sets this cloud storage service to top is that they provide instant activation and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • SugarSync

SugarSync provides you all the excellent features that you wish for a cloud storage service. They offer services that are within your budget. It can also be simply viewed on mobile devices that are internet-ready.

  • SOS

This type of cloud storage service gives much attention to securing your digital files. One of their features is unlimited versioning and unlimited PC backup. It also has a smart compression system. However, if you compare this to the other services, this is definitely expensive. If you do not have many files to backup or store, then this is not for you.

A Quick Guide On How To Start A Blog

Do you have any idea how many blogs there are? The most widely used blogging platform Tumblr has over 100 million blogs. WordPress comes in second with 63 million, followed by Livejournal (62.6 million), Weebly (12 million) and Blogster (582,000). Do the math and you’ll see that blogging isn’t something that’s going to die anytime soon. Probably because it’s not merely a hobby but actually a possible source of steady income. If you want to jump into the world of blogging, here’s a quick guide on how to start your own.

Here’s how to make money online

What do you want to blog about?

No matter how tempting it is, don’t go for a niche just because it’s popular. Even though celebrity gossip blogs attract millions of online readers, you won’t make it anywhere if you hate show business and you don’t know who Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus is. It’s best to write about something that you don’t only have knowledge of, but you’re also passionate about.

What are your options on blog hosting?

An important decision you have to make is whether you want a free blogging service or you want to host your own blog and have your own domain. Having your own domain makes your blog appear more professional. The only downside is that it will cost you money. A good way to look credible but not spend too much money is to use the WordPress free blog software to host your own blog. This costs only $30 a year.

What do you need to do on your blog?

Once you’ve decided what blog provider to use, the next step is to design and fill up your blog with content. If you choose WordPress, Blogspot, and other similar blog services, you can choose among a myriad of design templates. Most are free but the nicer ones come at a cost. Choose a theme that best reflects your topic. Then work your way to filling up the blog with varied content—text, images, videos, infographics, and so on. And be sure to double check grammar, spelling and readability of your blog posts before hitting the “publish” button.

Starting a blog isn’t rocket science. Just follow the steps above and you’re good to go. Have fun!

Want To Know How To Make Website For Free? Here’s How!

Building a website used to be complicated and time-consuming that you needed to pay a professional to get one done. But that’s no longer necessary these days, as there are now web vendors that offer not only space but also templates for creating websites. Even if you’re not confident about your HTML skills, you can certainly pull this off. Best of all, it’s for free. Here are the steps that you need to do:

here’s how to build a website

Step 1 – Prepare the essentials. Materials will most certainly include text and images. If it’s for a business, you need to have photographs as well as written descriptions of products/services offered. There should also be content for the about page, contact information, and transaction policies.

Step 2 – Search for a free-website provider. Go to forums and blogs to find referrals. Compare not only the services but also the reviews of these providers.

Step 3 – Sign up for an account. For this, you’ll need to choose a URL for your website. Pick something that’s easy to remember and descriptive of your site. It can be the name of your business or a relevant keyword. Since your site’s free, your site URL will contain the vendor site’s name. For example, www.yourstore.vendor’sname.com.

Step 4 – Choose a template. Most web vendors offer a myriad of catchy but professional-looking design templates that suit different needs and tastes. Find one that’s most apt for your website. Follow instructions for using the template.

Step 5 – Fill it up and launch. The final step is to fill up the website with the text and images necessary. Make sure you double check everything for clarity, spelling, grammar, layout, and so on before you hit the “launch” button.

See it’s that easy! Have fun building your own website without spending a dollar.

How To Make Money Online: It’s Easier Than You Think

You’ve always wondered how those people who have found a goldmine on the internet did it. Now, you can finally stop wondering. Here are some of the ways to make money online. And once you read this, you’d be surprised to find out that it’s not as difficult as you think.

here’s how to create a blog

Selling items

If you’re a DIY enthusiast whose hobby is to craft, sew, draw, or create just about anything, you can earn good money by selling what you make online. One of the best places for you to put up your own online store is on eBay.com, which is the world’s largest e-commerce site.

Paid surveys

Yes, there’s such a thing. Just answer the questions on a survey and you’ll get paid for your time and effort. Some of the sites that offer this kind of gig include: Global Test Market, MySurvey, and Swagbucks.


Film your own videos (funny videos, tutorial videos—whatever works for you) and upload them to YouTube. With Google Adsense Integration, you’ll be making money each time a viewer clicks on the ads on your site.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

In the Amazon Mechanical Turk, you’ll get paid to do simple tasks like complete a survey for $0.20 or review a product for $1. The tasks here are very easy so it’s really a quick way to earn money online.


Before you say this isn’t for you because you’re not a writer, hear this out: you can make money with blogs through other ways like making comments on blog posts, sending blog posts to social media sites, and so on.

Online tutoring

Good at something? You might want to become an online tutor. Register with companies that provide online tutoring services to students. Some of the best companies include: Tutor.com, Growing Stars, Tutor Vista, and eTutorWorld.

Whatever it is that you’re good at, you’ll surely find something that would allow you to earn good money online.

How To Build A Website For Your Small Business

Do you want to learn how to build a website for your small business? Don’t worry about not being a tech expert. It’s actually easier than you think. In fact, more and more small business owners are realizing that they don’t really need a web designer to build websites for them, as this can now be turned into a DIY project. Follow the pointers below to make yourself one that best serves the needs of your company.

learn how to make money online

On buying a domain name

While there are web vendors that offer domain names for free, it would be better to buy one that would only contain the name of your company. Look at the two options below and it’s easy to see that the first one appears more professional.



It’s also a must to consider the keywords in the URL. If you sell shoes for kids but the name of your store doesn’t reflect that (say Little Twinkee), it’d better to add the key phrase: “kids shoes” (www.littletwinkeekidshoes.com).

Quality web hosting

The next step is to find a reputable web hosting for your site. This will be the home for your site. Be sure to compare the hosts’ services, offerings, rates, and features before you make a choice.

Building the site

Once you have a domain name and web host, you can now start working on the pages of the website. A small business website will typically contain the following pages:

  • About

  • Products/Services

  • Rates

  • Ordering Policies

  • Contact information

You may hire a freelance web content provider for this purpose or you can also write them yourself. Don’t forget to add visual elements to make the website more attractive—photos, graphic design, web banner, infographics, videos, and so on.

Launch and spread the word

Once the website is up, you can now promote it through various online channels like email, chat, and social media.

Good luck!

Discover How To Make Money Online

Can you really make good money online? Is it truly possible to get rich on the internet? Apparently, yes. Many people can attest to this. For someone who all these years had struggled with a 9 to 5 day job that barely provides for basic needs, this is great news for you. Below, you’ll find easy ways on how to make the web your bread and butter.

teach yourself how to make a website

Stock photography

Love taking photos? Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you can make good use of your talent and sell stock photography. Be inspired by the success story Yuri Arcurs, who’s currently the most popular stock photographer in the world. He sells more than 4 million stock photographs a year.


This online platform lets Twitter users earn money by charging fees to sponsors in exchange for tweeting advertisements to their followers. You can choose to advertise only those products or services that you believe in.

Blogging/Freelance Writing

If you’re a talented writer, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of ways for you to earn money online. One is to blog and use the Google AdSense, which pays hefty money for placing their ads on your site. Two, offer your services to online businesses that need content for their websites and blog. Three, write product reviews. Four, do guest blog postings. For numbers two, three and four, you can sign up for an Odesk account and search for job postings.  Five, publish an eBook on Amazon.

Affiliate marketing

If writing isn’t your thing but you have this knack for selling, then affiliate marketing may be your route to online success. Check out Amazon, which manages a reputable and successful affiliate program.

Here are other more ways to make money online:

  • Work as a virtual assistant – VAs earn as much as $20 an hour and you don’t even have to leave home to get your work done!

  • Sell on eBay – De-clutter your home and put everything on sale on eBay.

  • Be a mobile app tester – Make money while toying with those apps.

  • Design t-shirts – Sell these on your own website or on Café Press, Design by Human and other similar sites.

Working online may not turn you into a millionaire overnight but you’d certainly find that earning good money in the comforts of your home can be a welcome change in your life.